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This website highlights my professional experience and offerings.

I've over 20 years of progressively responsible experience in manufacturing and distribution environments, including nine in supervision.

Here are some of my qualifications and skills:

  • Lifetime C.P.M.
  • CPIM
  • MBA
  • Manugistics Forcasting Software
  • SAP System and Conversion to SAP
  • Visual Basic for Applications
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Outlook
  • Various MRP and ERP Systems

I encourage you to browse my website and learn more about me. Navigate to the Professional Experience page to see my work history including information on each position I've held. Visit the Professional Achievements page to get some insight into the type of work I did and some of the highlights of each position. Browse the Educational Background to see my academic qualifications. Finally, visit the Personal page for some information about the man behind the work.

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Parts and Accessories Group - Buyer/Planner

The Company
Harley-Davidson is the dominant force in the heavyweight motorcycle market. Its reputation for excellence and innovation elicits intense customer loyalty and wide-spread recognition as “an American Legend.” Astounding growth and success made this $6-billion organization one of the “Top 100 Places to Work” for approximately 10,000 employees.

The Position
The Buyer/Planner role entails a very broad range of activities including traditional purchasing and production/inventory management functions and requires certification in both disciplines. The Parts and Accessories (P&A) Group supports Harley-Davidson products in the lucrative, high-volume after-market. For 7.5 years, I was the primary electrical components buyer in the Chassis Service Parts Category. In 2006, I joined the Controls and Electrical Accessories Category. This responsibility–a $20-million annual spend–added extensive product development experience to my skill set.


Joy Global, Inc. (Formerly Harnischfeger Industries)
P&H Mining Equipment Division - Senior Buyer

The Company
During my tenure, Harnischfeger Industries had two divisions: Mining Equipment and Papermaking Machinery. Sales and profits rose steadily for a number of years aided by “Economic Value Added,” a system adopted in 1993 to measure everything from managing inventory to global acquisitions. P&H Mining Equipment is the world leader in its industry, the manufacturing of immense mining machines. Its purchasing function was separated into two groups, Commodities and Subcontract/MRO, with Commodities further divided into Raw Material, Mechanical, and Electrical Procurement.

The Position
I joined the organization as a Raw Material Senior Buyer. Part of a seven person team, I was directly responsible for forgings–the company’s second largest commodity ($18-20-million/year spend) as well as bronze bushings. This remained my role for one year.

I earned the reputation of being able to grasp technical purchasing. So, when the supervisor of electrical purchasing retired, I was invited to become the Senior Buyer of Electrical Commodities. As such, I was responsible for all major electrical systems and controls on our equipment, a $15-million/year spend.


GB Electrical (Gardner Bender)
Division of Actuant Corporation (Formerly Part of Applied Power) - Buyer-Planner III and Senior Buyer/Analyst/Purchasing Team Leader

The Company
While I was at GB, the firm was a $75-million division of $530-million Applied Power. This producer of electrical goods for professional and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) electricians serves distributor, consumer, and O.E.M. markets with over 5,000 SKUs. Remarkable 25% growth since 1988 established GB as an industry leader in customer service and breadth of product offering.

The Position
I began as a Senior Buyer-Analyst and Purchasing Team Leader in a team-directed environment. I jointly controlled a $25-million purchasing function staffed by six people. Each of the two teams was responsible to manage inventory and react to demanding retailers. I had two direct reports.

GB was experiencing heavy transaction volume and sought to manage its growth by transitioning to cellular manufacturing and seeking ISO registration. As part of this, the Senior Buyer role was expanded to add forecasting, production planning/scheduling, personnel, quality, engineering, and other functions associated with a business unit to the responsibilities. The newly designed position reported to the Plant Manager.

Additional Professional Experience

Bradley Corporation
Purchasing Agent and Acting Director of Purchasing

The Company
Bradley Corporation is the originator of the wash fountain. During my time with the firm, annual sales reached $60-million and employment topped 500. This closely-held manufacturer sells plumbing fixtures/electronics, and washroom accessories to industry, construction trades and institutions.

The Position
I started out as a Purchasing Agent with supervisory responsibility for three individuals. After a few months, I was asked to assume the function of Purchasing Director. In that capacity, I directed a $25-million, multi-plant, centralized buying function responsible for all raw material (mostly steel), components, packaging, resale units, subcontract services and MRO supplies. I directly supervised ten individuals, prepared the department budget, and created a restructuring plan for the operations staff.

Twin Disc, Incorporated
Associate Buyer and Subcontract Administrator

The Company
Twin Disc manufactures power transmissions and hydraulic devices for the construction equipment, machine tool, marine, government, agricultural, and energy markets. The company was certified by Caterpillar Tractor, met U.S. Government MIL-I-45208 inspection standard (later replaced by Q9002), MIL-Q-9858 quality system standard (later replaces by Q9001), and restructured into focused factories.

The Position
I purchased $18 million in subcontract services (heat treating, machining, plating, fabricating, stamping) and production items (electronics, gears, brakes, springs). At the time, Twin Disc’s sales exceeded its labor and machine tool capacity for “primary operations” — the machining of raw castings and forgings into gear blanks by turning, facing, boring and other operations. It was my challenge to direct a massive outsourcing program. This required an in-depth understanding of incremental costed bills of material, interpretation of drawings to match subcontractor capability with our needs and the ability to source approximately 40 machine shops.

Milwaukee Valve Company, Incorporated
MRO Buyer

The Company
Milwaukee Valve is a leader in its industry, a privately held producer of several thousand kinds of valves and related items. The company was the largest supplier of forged steel valves to the Navy and built a $10-million, state-of-the-art, non-ferrous foundry in the late 1980s.

The Position
I acquired and expedited $3million yearly of MRO goods and services from 500 vendors. I was likewise responsible for capital equipment, leases, and telecommunications. During the construction phase of the new foundry, I was heavily involved in the purchase of large automated molding machine, a dust collection system and many items required by subcontractors.

Parts and Accessories Group

Buyer Planner

  • Reduced supplier lead times from 114 days in January 2000 to 39 in December 2003.
  • Increased inventory turns on my commodities by 310% from 1999 to 2006.
  • Staunchly supported ISO registration efforts and was selected twice to represent P&A in ISO audits.
  • Served as ISO 9001:2000 CAR site representative to administer and ensure compliance to corrective action goals; was publicly recognized for exemplary performance in that role.
  • Was certified as a lead auditor in the conduct of Supplier System Evaluations.
  • Developed a Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) program with a supplier of 1,000+ parts, creating major productivity improvements and savings in administrative costs.
  • Performed user acceptance testing on forecasting software upgrades.
  • Wrote an Excel Visual Basic Program to automatically publish a widely-distributed backorder report, reducing a four to six hour manual effort to five minutes per week.
  • Launched dozens of new products using a New Product Introduction Process that included PPAP.
  • Developed and utilized training matrix to fully orientate new department members.
  • Taught classes in AS400 Query and data export to Excel.

Joy Global, Inc.
P&H Mining Equipment Division

Electrical Commodities Senior Buyer

  • Led team negotiations with a supplier of electrical systems for draglines which resulted in savings of $1.6 million for one machine, over $4 million potential on future machines and almost $500K in parts.
  • Initiated the firm’s first Master Supply Agreement.
  • Organized the supplier base with an Access database to automate communication.
  • Identified mistakes in Bills of Material, thus avoiding costly ordering and inventorying of wrong items.
  • Consolidated the vendor base and eliminated subpar suppliers.
  • Was selected to be part of a five-member barcode implementation team.

Raw Materials Senior Buyer

  • Drove cost savings over $100,000 during the first four months of employment.
  • Negotiated special 2.5% terms with a $3-million per year supplier (in our top 15) with a win-win outcome.
  • Partnered with Engineering to convert many castings to forgings, thereby reducing costs and increasing quality.
  • Rapidly grasped a formidable SAP system.
  • Sponsored a “Forging Information Exchange Workshop” to promote the latest technology of our four largest forging suppliers to 50 employees.
  • Sourced two gigantic machined forgings from a new supplier per stringent quality standards.

GB Electrical
Divison of Allied Power

Buyer/Planner III

  • Developed flow charts, procedures and work instructions to document the purchasing process for ISO certification purposes.
  • Assumed the principle role in a large-volume subcontract packaging activity, improving control over components and delivery of finished goods.
  • Introduced a new market-leader product line which premiered in January, 1996.
  • Authored numerous management reports — Purchasing Department Reorganization Plan, 5-year Resin Procurement Strategy, Receiving Practices and Needs/Justification for all buyers to have PCs.
  • Secured Confidentiality Contracts with key suppliers and agreements with many firms that permitted direct computer-to-fax purchase order transmission.

Senior Buyer-Analyst/Purchasing Team Leader

  • Aggressively pursued extensive cost reductions and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for my large contribution to a favorable purchase price variance within four months of employment.
  • Was instrumental in the implementation of MRP III, emphasizing proper system parameters for lead times, minimums, multiples, and safety stock levels.
  • Led the buying group through the closing of a 40-employee plant, incorporating all operations into our facility with 63% fewer people and absorbing $1 million in purchases utilizing current staff.
  • Successfully added 225 new items to the product line for exhibition at a critical industry trade show.
  • Slashed inventory up to 25% in key commodities through JIT, hold-for-release blanket orders, etc.
  • Introduced printing of engineering drawing numbers, revision levels and automated notes on purchase orders, achieving greater discipline and vendor accountability.

Additional Professional Achievements

Parts and Accessories Group


Sourced a new supplier of non-current instrumentation at a low-cost producer in such a way that re-validation of product was unnecessary:

  • In 2005-2006, I sourced a new supplier of speedometers and tachometers when our existing supplier exited the instrumentation business. This involved much research, and the original suggestion proved to be quite expensive and could not be justified. Non-recurring engineering and tooling costs amounted to about $1-million with this option.
  • I investigated many potential sources but found an optimal solution with a new supplier that I located and qualified. This offered the best of all worlds as the previous supplier’s equipment was re-installed in the new supplier’s facility, making it unnecessary to re-validate the products and processes. It was furthermore a highly cost-competitive option.
  • The new supplier was required to sign a Master Supply Agreement and undergo a Supplier System Evaluation. (These are Harley-Davidson’s supplier qualification and audit methodologies.) In conducting the Supplier System Evaluation, I became a certified lead auditor.
  • Selling the proposal to management required much preparation and even included presenting to a vice president. This was a very complex sourcing issue that resulted in a highly successful outcome.

Joy Global, Inc.
P&H Mining Equipment Division

Raw Materials Senior Buyer

Sourced forgings for a P&H Model 9020 dragline. This was the company’s flagship machine, unique to the mining world.

  • The forgings (called “walk shafts”) weighed over 80,000 pounds after machining. They drive eccentric cams which rotate and lift the entire 6,520-ton machine to propel it in a typically backward motion. Concluding the “walk” cycle, the mammoth machine rests on its underside.
  • I was responsible for finding a source able to produce each walk shaft per stringent quality standards, on time, and at the lowest cost possible. It required researching potential suppliers for capability and then conducting an audit on the selected source. There were only four or five companies in the world that even had the capability to produce these forgings, and I was able to locate a superior source.
  • This supplier was qualified through a process I led in conjunction with a quality engineer.
  • The result was a high-quality, low-cost product from a reliable producer who delivered the forgings to the subcontractor on time with no surprises.

Bradley Corporation

Purchasing Agent/Acting Director of Purchasing

  • Negotiated our first raw material contract, lowering costs by over four percent and invoking non-performance penalties.
  • Trimmed the supply base by seven percent, encouraging long-term partnering and sole-sourcing where practical.
  • Revised commodity codes en masse.
  • Reassigned and balanced workloads, cutting overtime expense by $25,000 yearly.
  • Designed and computerized an MRO part number scheme that doubled one purchasing agent’s productivity.
  • Served on a cross-functional task force known as IBM’s “Application Transfer Study” which analyzed the corporation’s information needs and proposed a solution to management that promised $4 million per year in anticipated benefits.
  • Coordinated all IS purchasing projects, created a proactive Material Action Report and taught classes on spreadsheet software.
  • I was granted access to query tools and thusly became the only employee outside of the Management Information Systems to have the ability to do so.

Twin Disc, Incorporated

Associated Buyer/Subcontract Administrator

  • Off-loaded up to 5,000 machine hours monthly, saving over $500,000 in one year.
  • Cultivated new high-tech sources.
  • Reduced costs by $100,000.
  • Curtailed scrap by $25,000.
  • Recovered more than $75,000 in salvage costs.
  • Developed expertise and proficiency in ad-hoc query software (AnswerDB).
  • Urged system enhancements that IS implemented, providing powerful computing resources to all employees.
  • Pioneered downloading.

Milwaukee Valve Company, Incorporated

MRO Buyer

  • Saved $100,000 annually including 38% on abrasives, 20% on chasers, ten percent on carbide, and seven percent on corrugated.
  • Replaced fifteen suppliers with one, and vastly enhanced quality in a major commodity group.
  • Revamped the MRO purchasing activity.
  • Streamlined receiving operations.
  • Improved inbound traffic and packaging arrangements.

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Degree
General Management
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • 3.4 GPA (on 4.0 scale)
  • Started as a second bachelor’s degree while working full-time.
  • Transferred credits into graduate degree program.
  • Returned to school full-time to complete degree sooner.
  • Took twelve credits Spring semester.
  • Took six credits Summer semester.
  • As a final project, working with three other students, I participated in a business analysis to help a struggling small business owner succeed. This project was sponsored by the Small Business Administration.

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Degree
Music Theory and Composition
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • 3.2 GPA (on 4.0 scale)
  • Studied composition with Dr. John Downey, who studied with Nadia Boulanger, Darious Milhaud and Arthur Honegger
  • Nadia Boulanger taught some 600 American composers including Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, and Leonard Bernstein. She was herself a student of Charles-Marie Widor and Gabriel Fauré, among others. (Widor studied with Camille Saint-Saens and Charles Gounod. Fauré studied with Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt.
  • Among Darius Mihaud’s most famous students are Burt Bacharach and Philip Glass (composer of film scores for The Truman Show and The Hours. His primary instructors were Widor and Vincent d’Indy (a student of César Franck).

Additional Training

  • Six Sigma Courses
  • Effective Supply Chain Management Practices
  • How to Purchase Services
  • Managing Job Effectiveness
  • Purchasing Contract Terms and Conditions
  • PPAP Training, SAP System, and S&OP Process
  • New Product Forecasting
  • Quick Response Manufacturing Courses

Family Activities
Most people with families enjoy time together and I’m no exception. I’ve been able to do many great things with my family and here are some of the activities we enjoy and the highlights from them:


  • We camp several times together every summer, just on weekends or on vacations lasting up to two weeks.
  • Each summer since 1994, we’ve had father/daughter and father/son campouts.
  • We have visited quite a number of wonderful national parks and forests including Appalachian, Badlands, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Black Hills, Bryce Canyon, Devil’s Tower, The Everglades, Grand Tetons, Haleakala, Hawaii Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Jewel Cave, Mammoth Cave, Mount Rushmore, National Mall, Northern Cascades, Saguaro, U.S.S. Arizona and Yellowstone.
  • Our visits to state parks and memorials have included some in New York (Niagara Falls, Letchworth, and Golden Hills), South Dakota (Custer and Crazy Horse), Arkansas (Bull Shoals-White River, Crater of Diamonds, Crowley’s Ridge, Lake Catherine, Lake Quachita, Ozark Folk Center, Petit Jean), Kentucky (Cumberland Falls and My Old Kentucky Home), and, of course, many within Wisconsin.

Whitewater Canoeing, Rafting, and Kayaking

  • We’ve paddled several rivers in Wisconsin, including the toughest whitewater on the Wolf River as well as gentle floats on the Kickapoo and Wisconsin Rivers.
  • We canoed the Buffalo River in Arkansas.


  • We’ve gone on many hikes on dozens of beautiful trails.
  • The most exotic and physically demanding hike was backpacking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


  • In my youth, I did quite a bit of downhill skiing but never became good at it.
  • I introduced my children to skiing at quite a young age.

Much of my life I have been involved with the Boy Scouts of America. I consider it an important influence in my childhood.

As a youth

  • I grew up with Scouting and enjoyed many campouts and other activities.
  • My dad was a Cub Master.
  • I served several positions within my Boy Scout troop including Senior Patrol Leader (SPL).

As an adult

  • I was Cub Master at my local elementary school for several years.
  • I was a Boy Scout Troop Advancement Chair Person for two years.
  • I was also inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

As soon as my son was of age, he joined Scouting

  • He went through all of the ranks and offices and earned the Eagle Scout Award, the highest honor in Boy Scouting, attained by less than 3% of all Scouts.
  • He is also a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow.
  • He remains active as a high-ranking staff member of the National Youth Leadership Training Course

One of the most important aspects of my life has been involvement in music. I began playing piano at a very early age (probably about age three). I took up other instruments as well as singing as I grew older. Eventually, I earned a bachelor’s degree in music and wanted to make it my career, but did not find a way to make a living composing and arranging music. While my career took a different path, I always remained active in music. Here are some highlights:

  • Singing with the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus since 1992 (see link below for additional information).
  • Serving as music editor and software specialist for my church’s recent hymnal project; the publication of a beautiful, new 230-page hard-bound hymnal.
  • Directing ensembles of up to 40 musicians.
  • Directing choirs of up to 80 singers.
  • Directing children’s choirs.
  • Managing the entire music program at a convention at my church’s home office.
  • Serving as primary hymn and choir accompanist at church services and events.
  • Playing in dance bands for church conventions.
  • Directing local church area music programs, including the production of an oratorio, “The Seven Last Words of Christ”.
  • Performed as a successful folk group imitating Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Compositions and Arrangements

  • Several piano solos.
  • Piano and voice pieces.
  • A three-movement saxophone quartet.
  • A large-scale orchestral work (a requirement for my bachelor’s degree).
  • An orchestral fanfare that was performed by two different 120-piece ensembles and sight-read in rehearsal by the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra Senior Symphony.
  • Arrangements of a large number of choral and instrumental pieces for groups from two to 120 musicians.


  • Current:
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Synthesizer
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Past:
  • Trombone

Languages in which I have sung

  • English
  • Latin
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Hebrew
  • An early Slavic dialect known as Glagolitic
Click here to see a list of songs I have sung with the MSO
Composer Work
Adams, John Harmonium
Allegri, Gregorio Miserere
Bach, Johann Sebastian Magnificat in D Major
Bach, Johann Sebastian Mass in B Minor
Bach, Johann Sebastian Motet No. III (Jesu, Meine Freude)
Bach, Johann Sebastian Motet No. VI (Lobet den Herrn, alle Heiden)
Bach, Johann Sebastian St. Matthew Passion
Barber, Samuel Agnus Dei
Beethoven, Ludwig van Missa Solemnis
Beethoven, Ludwig van Symphony No. 9
Berlioz, Hector L'enfance du Christ
Bernstein, Leonard Chichester Psalms
Bestor, Kurt Prayer of the Children
Biebl, Franz Ave Maria
Bizet, Georges Carmen (concert version)
Bock, Jerry Fiddler on the Roof (concert version)
Brahms, Johannes A German Requiem
Brahms, Johannes Naenie
Brahms, Johannes Schicksalslied
Brahms, Johannes Triumphlied
Britten, Benjamin War Requiem
Bruckner, Anton Ave Maria
Bruckner, Anton Christus factus est pro nobis obediens
Bruckner, Anton Te Deum
Bruckner, Anton Tota Pulchra Es Maria
Cherubim, Sr. Mary Hosanna To The Son of David
Christiansen, Fredrik Melius Beautiful Savior
Christiansen, Fredrik Melius Praise to the Lord
Clausen, Rene (arr. of hymn by William A. Thompson) Softly and Tenderly
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel Hiawatha's Wedding Feast
Copland, Aaron Ten American Folk Songs
Durufle, Maurice Choral Variations on Veni Creator Spiritus
Durufle, Maurice Notre Pere
Durufle, Maurice Quatre Motets
Dvorak, Antonin Stabat Mater
Einhorn, Richard Voices of Light
Faure, Gabriel Requiem
Finzi, Gerald God Is Gone Up
Gawthrop, Daniel E. Sing Me to Heaven
Gershwin, George Of Thee I Sing (concert version)
Gorecki, Henryk Totus Tuus
Handel, George Frederick Coronation Anthem No. 1 (Zadok the Priest)
Handel, George Frederick Coronation Anthem No. 2 (The King Shall Rejoice)
Handel, George Frederick Coronation Anthem No. 3 (My Heart Is Inditing)
Handel, George Frederick Coronation Anthem No. 4 (Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened)
Handel, George Frederick Messiah
Harris, Sir William H. Faire Is the Heaven
Haydn, Franz Joseph Die Schoepfung
Haydn, Franz Joseph Heiligmesse (The Mass of St. Bernard)
Haydn, Franz Joseph The Creation
Humperdinck, Engelbert Hansel and Gretel (concert version)
Hytrek, Sr. Theophane Canticle of the Creatures
Ireland, John Te Deum Laudamus
Ives, Charles General William Booth Enters into Heaven
Janacek, Leos Glagolitic Mass
Kucharski, Joseph Firmly I Believe
Lauridsen, Morten O Nata Lux
Lerner, Alan J., and Frederick Loewe My Fair Lady (concert version)
Mahler, Gustav Symphony No. 2 ("Resurrection")
Mahler, Gustav Symphony No. 8
Martin, Frank Mass for Double Chorus
McFerrin, Bobby and Roger Treece Psalm 27
McFerrin, Bobby, with Roger Treece Brief Eternity
Mendelssohn, Felix Six Anthems (selections)
Mendelssohn, Felix Elijah
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mass in C Minor
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Requiem
Mussorgsky, Modeste Boris Godunov (concert version)
Naylor, Ken How shall I sing that Majesty
Orff, Carl Carmina Burana
Palestrina, Giovanni Exultate Deo
Palestrina, Giovanni Missa Brevis
Parker, Alice (arr. traditional air) Hark, I hear the Harps Eternal
Parker, Alice and Robert Shaw (arr. traditional air) Saints Bound for Heaven
Parry, C. H. H. I Was Glad
Parry, C. H. H. Jerusalem
Parsons, Robert Ave Maria
Paulus, Stephen Pilgrims' Hymn (from The Three Hermits)
Prokofiev, Sergi Alexander Nevsky (performed with film)
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Ave Maria
Rachmaninoff, Sergei The Bells
Ravel, Maurice Daphnis et Chloe (complete ballet music)
Saint-Saens, Camille Mass for Four Voices
Schnyder, Daniel The Revelation of St. John
Schuetz, Heinrich Singet dem Herrn ein Neues Lied
Scriaben, Alexander Prometheus Overture
Sierra, Roberto Missa Latina
Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers Magnificat
Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers Nunc Dimittis
Stravinsky, Igor The Dove Descending
Szymanowski, Karol Stabat Mater
Tallis, Thomas That Virgin’s Child
Tavener, John Song for Athene
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyitch Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
Thompson, Randall Alleluia
Tikker, Timothy Living Stones
Verdi, Giuseppe Aida (selections)
Verdi, Giuseppe Requiem
Victoria, Tomas Luis de Pueri Hebraeorum
Vierne, Louis Solemn Mass for Chorus and Organ
Villa-Lobos, Heitor Choros No. 10
Wagner, Richard Choruses from Die Meistersinger, Lohengrin, and Tannhaeuser
Wagner, Richard Parsifal, selections from Act I
Walton, Sir William Belshazzar's Feast
Wilberg, Mack (arr. traditional American air) Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Williams, Ralph Vaughan A Sea Symphony
Williams, Ralph Vaughan Dona Nobis Pacem
Zemlinsky, Alexander Psalm 13

For much of my life I have enjoyed exploring caves and have visited a large number of them:

  • Colossal Cave, Arizona
  • Mystic Cavers, Arkansas
  • Crystal Cave, Lava Beds National Monument, California
  • Cave of the Winds, Colorado
  • Weeki Wachee Springs, Florida
  • Marengo Cave, Indiana
  • Crystal Onyx, Horse, Lost River, Mammoth Caves, Kentucky Caverns, Kentucky
  • Meramec Caverns, Onondaga Cave, Missouri
  • Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
  • Seneca Caverns, Ohio
  • Beautiful Rushmore, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, Black Hills Cavern, South Dakota
  • Lookout Mountain Caverns, Ruby Falls, Tennessee
  • Luray Caverns, Virginia
  • Paradise Ice Caves, Washington
  • Cave of the Mounds, Eagle Cave, Wisconsin

Besides the areas noted above, the following are very important areas of my life:

  • Religion
  • I am active both as a speaker and musically in my church.
  • Reading
  • I am an avid reader of both books and magazines.
  • Traveling and Sight-Seeing
  • As a child I traveled much on family vacations.
  • As an adult, I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii twice.
  • My traveling has given me the opportunity to exercise my fondness for photography.